Panasonic DMC FZ-10

Panasonic DMC FZ-10 ‘rough guide’

A summary I wrote of Panasonic DMC FZ-10 information.

The Panasonic FZ-10 is a four megapixel prosumer digital camera. It was the first digital camera I owned. It had features similar to an entry-level SLR camera of the time (such as a ‘through-the-lens viewfinder’, albeit digital, and a manual focus ring), however it is not an SLR camera. Its other outstanding feature is a 420 mm equivalent zoom (‘superzoom’) with optical image stabilization.

A photo of an epiphyllum I took with the DMC FZ-10

The article is very old. Many of the links don’t work any more!

I still like and use Panasonic cameras! Particularly the (relatively) portable micro-4/3 line. I use a Panasonic GH-1, Panasonic GM-5 and also Olympus micro-4/3 cameras.

Banksia and bird in the Roe garden of the Perth Botanical Gardens. Taken with the DMC FZ-10

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