Custom ‘Pages’ widget for Hugo Academic - cascading layout for cards

In Hugo Academic (Wowchemy) version 4.8.0, the portfolio widget (used for ‘projects’) allows cascading ‘cards’ layout with the isotope and masonry libraries in the ‘cards’ view (view ‘3’).

Comments for Hugo Academic (Wowchemy) with Utterances

There are endless numbers of blogs out there, often providing tidbits of useful information which I find useful. And occasionally, someone even finds my posts useful and uses the Wowchemy (Hugo Academic) ‘Contact’ widget to send me a comment or question!

Contributing to the Tidyverse (dbplyr)

I was acknowledged as a contributor to the version 2.0.0 release of dbplyr! dbplyr is the database backend for the ‘data pliers dplyr’ data manipulation package in the tidyverse software suite of R statistical programming language.

Carolling with Pandoc - ‘automatic’ PowerPoint lyric slides

Converting lyrics (in text/‘markdown’ format) to PowerPoint Christmas carols and worship songs lyrics are easily (and sometimes freely) available across the Internet. One source is SongSelect (by CCLI), though SongSelect is not free, but does help congregations support song-writers by paying appropriate royalty fees.

Microsoft R Open 4.0.2 and openSuSE

One reason for my sometimes growing respect for Microsoft is that they support (just) Microsoft R Open. Back in May 2019 they released version 3.5.3. It was a long time coming, but Microsoft released Microsoft R Open 4.



20210530_1138_0042 dahlia

20210530_11138_0042 dahlia (Kew, Victoria)

20210208_1727 flower

20210208_1722 flower (Kensington, Victoria)

20210208_1720 flower

20210208_1720 flower (Kensington, Victoria)

20210128_1635_0391 rose

20210128_1635_0391 rose


20201231_0727 canna (Eaglemont)


David Fong

David Fong

Lead doctor, Kensington site, coHealth

coHealth community health service


David Fong is a general practitioner (family medicine doctor) working at coHealth, Kensington site. He volunteers with Spur Afrika (child development program) in Kibera, Kenya, and Elim and Agape childrens’ home (HIV and disability) in Xi’an, China.


  • development work
  • teaching
  • monitoring and evaluation


  • Data, Economics and Development Policy, 2019

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MITx)

  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practice, 2001

    Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

  • Diploma of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 1999

    Royal Australia & New Zealand College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (RANZCOG)

  • MBBS, 1994

    University of Melbourne


  • 12 Gower Street, Kensington, Victoria, 3031
  • Linkedin